Ultimate Member Backbending Workshop:

Ever been in class and wondered how to get into a backbend or where to begin? 
Have you ever been too scared to try? 
This workshop is for everyone with a spine!

Back bending asanas offer us so many benefits that stretch far beyond the actual postures.

Benefits of back bending: They improve your posture, open your chest and shoulders, stretch your hip flexors, strengthen your back, stimulate energy, open your heart  and help you break through fears !


2-hour workshop
Back bending 101
Heated to 95 degrees

For Ultimate Members ONLY
It's FREE! πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ
Join us and learn to lead with your heart!

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What is Hot 26 Plus? Hot 26 Plus is an amazing yoga class created around the traditional Hot 26 Series. This class allows for all practitioners to grow and evolve their practice at their own pace. Class is set to music and in second set the instructor offers students a chance to try 2-5 variations of poses in the second set. The class is for ALL LEVELS and super fun way to get your yoga therapy in!  

Students and teachers love this class because it allows us the freedom to practice yoga with a little more fun and intuition. The music adds a fun ambiance and the poses change from day to day so our body loves it too!  

We regularly lead trainings at Hot Yoga Asheville with the next one coming up in October 2018. Adi Westerman can also travel to studios and train teachers on site.